Online Junior Livestock Auction
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Online Junior Livestock Auction

Thank you to our buyers, donors and other supporters that participated in our 2020 online auction!

We raised over a One Million Dollars to support 4-H and FFA Ag Education project raised in San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Bentio County.
$725,900 Auction Sales
$250,000 Individual Add-ons
$167,000 Cooperative Fund Add-ons

Online Auction Commission, Fees, Statistics

  • All lots will be sold by the head.
  • For market animals there will be no live pick-up or custom harvest. All sales are resale only! The majority of your purchase may be tax deductible as a donation to the Salinas Valley Fair, Inc.
  • Our goal is to sell all 614 lots at the estimated break even price per species.
Species Estimated Break-Even Costs
Lambs $780
Goats $730
Hogs $855
Steers $4500
Replacement Heifer $4000
  • A 5% commission will be charged to the seller for both the sale and add-on. Commission will cover 2% paid to the online auction company and 3% to the Salinas Valley Fair to help cover most of the costs to administer the auction.
  • Sellers of Market Beef, Swine and Sheep will be charged fees required by livestock marketing councils. Fees are posted in the Exhibitor handbook on page 60.
2019 Average Auction Price by Organization, Species
FFA Market Beef $4.25/lb
4-H Market Beef $5.72/lb
FFA Replacement Heifers $6231/head
4-H Replacement Heifers $7112/head
FFA Swine $8.91/lb
4-H Swine $11.79/lb
FFA Sheep $11.97/lb
4-H Sheep $12.00/lb
FFA Goats $18.13/lb
4-H Goats $15.81/lb
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