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Junior Livestock Auction

Auction, May 19th, 8 AM

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7:30 AM Buyer Registration Begins
8:00 AM Opening Ceremony
Sale Starts immediately after Opening Ceremonies
Ring A: Swine (Odd Lots), Heritage Hog, Steers, Replacement Heifers, Sheep (Odd Lots)
Ring B: Swine (Even Lots), Goats, Sheep (Even Lots)

Livestock will be sold in two ring this year and if everything runs like clockwork, the auction should be finished around 5:30 PM. A few seconds in the ring is the culmination of months of hard work for these livestock exhibitors, who have raised market hogs, sheep, beef, rabbits, or poultry. Thanks to the buyers, the animals bring a good return to the exhibitors who have already spent time in the show ring having their animals examined by the judges.

To become a Junior Livestock Auction Buyer or for more information, call (831)385-3243 or e-mail

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