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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Auction FAQs

We at the Salinas Valley Fair have put together a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please feel free to reach out to us via email

Q: Does the animal need to be show ready for the sale picture and for drop off?
A: For the sale picture, yes, please have your animal show ready.
*If we end up having a virtual market show, your animal would need to be show ready (clean & shorn) for your video submission.
For drop off, your animal does not need to be cleaned & show ready. For sheep, the processing facility prefers that your animal not be shorn.

Q: Is the buyer going to receive the same animal they purchased to be cut & wrapped?
A: No, this year the sale is “re-sale only”, meaning no animals purchased in our sale will be sent to local butchers for the buyers to take home. The animals will be re-sold, at market value & sent straight to the processing facility. In this particular case the animals are being sent to the processing facility immediately after drop off, before our online auction takes place.

Q: Is the Salinas Valley Fair keeping our animal on grounds until the online auction takes place?
A: No, as stated in the previous Q&A, the animals are being sent to the processing facility immediately after drop off, before our online auction takes place.

Q: What weight should my animal be?
A: The sale weight perameters have not changed. Please consult your 2020 Salinas Valley Fair Guidebook for your animal’s weight guidelines. Underweight animals will be sent home and will not be allowed to sell in our sale. Overweight animals will sell at the maximum allowed weight for that species.

Q: When do we turn in our animal’s “Declaration of Medication form”?
A: You will need to turn in this form twice.
Sheep & Goats: Due 5/5/20 and again on sheep/goat drop off day, 5/9/20.
Swine: Due 5/8/20 and again on swine drop off date, 5/13/20.
Steers: Due 5/13/20 and again on steer drop off date, 5/17/20.
*Replacement heifers will remain at exhibitors residence until the online auction has taken place and the buyer makes arrangements for pick-up.

Q: Will my animal sell for greater than market price at the online auction? What is the expected floor price or opening bid for my animal species?
A: At this time, based on the current economic uncertainty we are not able to secure floor prices (opening bids) above market price. We are hopeful that your efforts to secure a buyer will increase floor prices above market prices. It is possible that someone unknown to you will purchase your animal. We suggest you research online auctions at other county fairs to better understand the potential outcome.

Q: How do buyers know who to bid on?
A: We strongly suggest that you write buyer letters and talk to potential buyers. Make sure to add your club in the letter. The advantage of an online auction is that your buyer doesn’t necessarily have to be local. The auction order will be in alphabetical order by club and then by exhibitor. The order will be as follows: Sheep, Goats, Steers, Replacement Heifers then Swine.

Q: How do I submit a photo?
A: You may go on our website, and submit a landscape photo of yourself in your uniform with your animal using the photo submission form.

Q: If I opt-out by the deadline of April 27th, how do I get my refund?
A: All exhibitors that have completed paperwork by the deadline will receive refunds on or before May 8th. Entries will be processed in the form of payment received. Cash will be refunded by check. Cash Card payment refund procedures are to be determined.

Q: What happens if my animal dies on the truck on the way to the processor?
A: It is rare, for an animal to perish after weigh-in and prior to delivery to the processor. If that happens, the exhibitor will still be able to participate in the Online Auction and receive Add-ons.

Q: What is the COVID-19 Liability form? Who needs to complete this form?
A: All persons entering the fairgrounds on May 9, May 13 and May 17 will be required to sign a form releasing the fair of liability related to the risks associated with livestock exhibits and the COVID-19 pandemic.
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