Dolan Fire Evacuation Shelter Information
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Dolan Fire Evacuation Shelter Information

NEW! The SPCA is accepting livestock and domesticated animals at their facility in Salinas (1002 Monterey-Salinas Hwy). The Animal Evacuation Center for the River, Carmel and Dolan Fires at the Fairgrounds is now closed.

NEW! The RV Park at the fairgrounds is open for evacuees residing in areas that have a designated warning or areas under mandatory evacuation. Evacuees should first register at the King City Evacuation Center at the King City High School to receive an accommodation voucher. Click here for more information

At the peak of our response for the River and Carmel Fires, the Salinas Valley Fair sheltered 41 horses, 38 goats, 5 sheep and 1 pig. The facility was also mobilized to accept evacuees from Zone 24 that were placed on warning on Saturday, August 22nd. As of August 27th, many evacuation warnings and orders have been lifted but the fairgrounds remains mobilized as a shelter for the County of Monterey.

Please review the links on this page for more information about Monterey County's emergency response.
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