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Ranch Rodeo

Winners & Sponsors


Over 120 cowboys, cowgirls and youngsters from the central coast are expected to compete in this year’s Monterey County Ranch Rodeo at the Salinas Valley Fair Rava Arena on November 21st in King City. The production is a fundraiser for the Monterey County Cattleman’s and the Salinas Valley Fair which will feature events that demonstrate the skills needed for everyday working ranch hands. Events include:
Open Cut & Rope,
Single Steer Stopping,
Mixed Ribbon Roping,
Open Calf Branding,
Match Calf Branding,
Ladies Calf Branding,
Over 50 Calf Branding
Junior Calf Branding.
NEW! Ladies Breakaway

Thank You 2021 Ranch Rodeo Sponsors

American Door & Gates
Buckle Sponsor
Coastal Tractor
Buckle Sponsor
RC Farms
Buckle Sponsor
Salinas Land Company
Buckle Sponsor
Sturdy Oil Company
Buckle Sponsor
Bassetti Farms
Rodeo Partner
Christensen & Giannini
Ranch Rodeo Parnter
L.A. Hearne Company
Buckle Sponsor
Visalia Livestock Market
King City Rotary
Monterey County Agricultural Commissione
  • Cocktail Cattle Company
  • Mike & Mary Orradre
  • Neil Bassetti Farms
  • Garliner Cattle Co
  • Jan & Annette Martinus
  • Tim Hearne
  • Danny & Nicci DeRoza
  • Larry & Carolyn Homen
  • Rincon Farms
  • Vernon & Joann Scattini
  • Bill & Penny Barbree
  • Avila Cattle Co
  • Butch & Vivien Lindley
  • Jim Orradre
  • Kearney & Heslie Martins
  • Margaret Duflock
  • Miguel & Dorothy Errea
  • Bruce Rianda Co Inc
  • James & Lora Eade
  • Jim Gianolini
  • Luschar Family
  • Marion & Vi Stanley
  • Skinner Equipment Repair
  • Toro Petroleum
  • Whitney Ranch
  • Clark's Storeroom
  • June Rianda
  • John & Sandy Soares
  • John & Laura Orradre
  • Industrial Pump Shop
  • RM Trucking
  • Frontera Hunting
  • June Rianda and Family
  • Reliz Cattle Company
  • Ron & Martha Bass
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