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Livestock Entries & Competitions

2022 Junior Livestock Auction Sale Order

New Changes & Reminders 2022

    1. Swine weigh-in will be on TUESDAY, May 10, 2022 from 7:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
      • All other species weigh in on Wednesday May 11th. (See guidebook for specific times.)
    2. Market Goat weight restrictions are 60-85 lbs. All overweight goats must go home on weigh in day.
    3. Stall decorations are no longer included in “Clean Stall”. Decorations are optional & must be in place by Saturday, May 7, 2022 by 4:00 p.m.
    4. Weigh-in day is for animals and tack drop off only. Must enter through the Canal St. gate.
    5. Stall teardown/walkout can begin at 3 pm on Sunday, driving on grounds will begin at 4 pm. No animals may leave before 4 p.m., with the exception of replacement heifers, which must leave on Sunday between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. by arrangement with the Livestock Office. 831-385-3243
    6. Don't forget your Still Exhibit *A still exhibit is mandatory for all Market and Livestock exhibitors, with the exception of Primary Members (Rabbits & Poultry)

    1. Showmanship is mandatory & classes have been changed and listed below.
    2. There will no longer be a beginning showmanship class. See Showmanship rules for each division.
    3. Exhibitors eligible for Round Robin must notify the clerk before they leave the show ring.
New Showmanship Classes
      • 4-H NOVICE Exhibitors 9-11 years old who have never shown this species. Top 3 Progress to Jr.
      • 4-H JUNIOR Exhibitors 10-11 years of age, who have shown this species at a fair & exhibitors 12-13 years old, regardless of showmanship experience. Top 3 progress to Sr.
      • 4-H SENIOR All exhibitors age 14-19 years of age, regardless of showmanship experience.
      • FFA NOVICE Exhibitor has never shown this species of animal at any fair. Top 3 progress to Sr.
      • FFA SENIOR All other FFA Exhibitors.

Beef & Replacement Heifer Show
    1. Beef exhibitors may only bring 2 head of cattle. Feeders count as one of your 2 head. Please read the “area limits” for the acceptable beef combinations. (See Livestock Rules for details)
    2. Market Steers will compete in a SLICK SHEARING SHOW this year and all shearing must be done before arriving on grounds. (See department rules for details)
    3. Steers must be no older than 28 months, & cannot display 2nd set of teeth. Teeth checked by Harris Ranch.
    4. NO CATTLE BREEDING CLASSES will be offered for 2022- Market Show only.
    5. Replacement Heifers must be at least 4 months bred by weigh in day

Junior Livestock Auction
    1. Terminal sale. No market animals will be live pick up except Replacement Heifers.
    2. In person auction only, no online bidding. We encourage you to send out Add-On forms.
    3. Buyers letters are extremely important! Please send out at least 3 per exhibitor & encourage buyers from outside of Monterey County as well. Don't forget to send out a Thank You after the fair.
    4. Auction checks will be available for pickup on July 27th.
Livestock questions can be emailed to livestock@salinasvalleyfair.com or call 831-385-3521.
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