Heritage Foundation
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Our Mission

To preserve and enrich the heritage of the Salinas Valley Fair and showcase agricultural industries to the community. It will offer support to the 4-H and FFA programs, create agricultural education opportunities, promote public awareness and support for ongoing projects sponsored by the Salinas Valley Fair in maintaining and improving the current facility to further service the needs of the community.

Our 2023 Board of Directors

Executive Board
President: Scott Taylor
1st Vice President: Ashleigh Lombardi Young
2nd Vice President: Maureen Harris
Treasurer: Mikel Ann Miller
Secretary: Kim Tankersley
Past President: Lexenn Latassa

Board of Directors
Jessica Handley (2014)
Carla Anecito (2014)
Cheryl Harrison (2015)
Cinda Muzylowski (2021)
Rick Harris (2021)
Amanda Gianolini (2022)
Shaun Tucker (2023)
Dexter Moss (2023)
Grant Cremers (2023)

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